Cultuurplatform Design Limburg, city of Genk and Z33, Hasselt, in the framework ‘20 Years Toegepast’
Jan Boelen (BE)


Toegepast is an annual design project for graduate designers who are given a working budget and professional assistance to create their own independent work. The works in Toegepast 20, the latest edition, will be presented in the upcoming exhibition at Z33, but in order to underline this special jubilee initiative, all the winners from previous editions will also be invited to cooperate on Beyond Food and Design. Here, designers examine how food shapes our lives and the city in four different themes: mine water, aquafarming, bees and mushrooms. An explorative project and exhibition, it is a powerful theme-based combination of installations, ideas and unique objects, shown within the context of the past, the present and the future.


Henriëtte Waal, Eric Klarenbeek, Foodcurators, Studio Libertiny, Merel Eyckerman, Katrien Nijs, Jo Klaps, Jens Pieters, Ruben Castro, Wim Buts, Hanne Put, Judith Mertens, Rachelle Dufour, Liesbet Bussche, Maarten De Ceulaer, Mats Horbach, Mark Jacobs, Patrick Reuvis, Anne Ligtenberg, Tine Lambert, Noortje de la haye, Katrien Matthys, Peter Firman, Jenny Stieglitz, Jan Geboers, Michaël Verheyden, Piet Stockmans, Luc Vanlessen, Luk Vanderhallen, Niek Kosten, Roel Vandebeek, Linde Hermans, Charlotte Vandenborre and An Onghena.


C-mine designcentrum
Evence Coppéelaan, 91
3600 Genk - Belgium

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1 October 2015 – 31 January 2016
Monday > Sunday, 10am - 5pm. Closed on holidays.


Giovanna Massoni (IT/BE)
Studio Simple (BE)
Atelier Blink (BE)


A reflection on the conservation and enhancement of tangible and intangible heritage.
Designed to stimulate a discussion on new models of production, responsible innovation and sustainable development, it looks at the role we can play, whether as citizen, designer or student, in our environment. Following a workshop organised over a six month period by Studio Simple (in their atelier, in a fablab or in a forest), and open to all kinds of participants, the exhibition will address issues related to the evolution of design manufacturing tools and technologies, and their impact on both our personal and professional daily life.


Maison du Design
Rue des Soeurs Noires, 4
7000 Mons - Belgium

25 September – 13 November 2015
Monday > Friday, 10am - 5pm (closed from midday to 1pm) / Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 6pm Closed on 1 and 11 November
Opening: 25 September at 6pm


Design by choice – Origins of mass customisation in Europe 
Axel Sowa, Chair of the Department of Architecture Theory at the Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University, and Jules Schoonman, independent curator and researcher (NL)

Made in Europe
A project by:
Kim Bouvy, photographer (NL)


The 'Design by Choice' exhibition investigates the origins of contemporary consumer society. At its centre is a representative sample of European cast iron trade catalogues. By the mid-nineteenth century, when furnace technology had improved, foundries in Scotland, France, and Prussia set the pace for product innovation. Together with their products, foundries also invented a new commercial conduit: the trade catalogue. The exhibition invites visitors to discover former objects of desire as depicted in 19th-century trade literature. Focusing on the European dimension of the Industrial Revolution, international exchanges and commonalities are addressed.

In the library, photographer Kim Bouvy presents Made in Europe: the outcome of a visual research commissioned by Bureau Europa into the specific reciprocity between the (post)industrial identities of Liege and Maastricht. In the context of her own work, Bouvy will also present a selection of people and organisations actively engaged in discussing urban issues specific to Liege.

In the context of the exhibitions, there will be extra events in October and November. Please check for further details.


Bureau Europa
Boschstraat 9
6211 AS Maastricht - The Netherlands

11 October 2015 – 17 January 2016
Wednesday > Sunday, 11am - 5pm. Closed on holidays.
Opening: 10 October, 5 - 7pm


Ad Himmelreich – art collection conservator & exhibition curator
Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer – Maurer United Architects


In departing from the daily experience of its inhabitants and using new technologies, this exhibition presents research on the identifiable characteristics of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Partners: Maurer United Architects, Cologne Intelligence, Stormhand / Boy Bastiaens & Albert Kiefer, Geurlab / Tanja Schell


Gouvernement aan de Maas
Limburglaan, 10
Maastricht – The Netherlands

19 September – 6 November 2015
Monday > Friday, 9am-6pm. Closed on weekend and holidays
Opening: 18 September at 6pm


Dear Hunter – Marlies Vermeulen (BE) & Remy Kroese (NL)


The aim of Dear Euregio is to trace habits, spatial routines and experiences of the inhabitants of this cross-border region, in order to discover how they are related to a certain place.
These experiences will be translated into mappings, but also into spatial action and interventions. The project is executed from two converted shipping containers, one for the team of Dear Hunter and one furnished as a small hotel room, fully equipped to receive guests and collaborators. A series of designers from different backgrounds join in ‘dates’. Through working sessions and discussions they share (knowledge about) their projects and strengthen cross-border encounters. The meetings are captured in a ‘road movie’ to be broadcasted during in both Liege and Maastricht.


Gouvernement aan de Maas
Limburglaan, 10
Maastricht – Pays-Bas

19 September – 6 November 2015

Meeting Point / RElab
Place Saint Etienne
Liège – Belgique
Date: check


Design Museum London, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum New York, Powerhouse Australia, Mind Museum Manila, Design Indaba Cape Town, Red Dot Design Museum Essen, Cube Kerkrade, ao..


Cube is the first design museum in the Netherlands. It presents inspiring exhibits of the best international and Euregional design and is a dynamic place for co-creation in Living Labs.
In these labs you will experience how we can shape our world in a meaningful way. Cube focuses on ‘design for human needs’ and the process of designing. An exhibition co-curated by major worldwide design centres and a series of living labs will inaugurate the museum’s activity on 23 October 2015.


Museumplein, 2
Kerkrade – The Netherlands

From 23 October 2015
Monday > Friday, 9am - 6pm. Closed on weekend and holidays.
Opening: 23 October


Fabian Seibert & Patricia Yasmine Graf (DE)


Designmetropole Aachen is a loose network of artists and designers who operate out of the greater Aachen region, and the bordering parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. From October 2015, Designmetropole Aachen will invite designers to plan & publish any number of dates where they open the doors of their studios/workspaces and throw parties or host events. The organisation will create a curated web space where the designers can announce the details, providing a full map for the curious public.


Design at Work
Alexanderstrasse 83
52062 Aachen – Germany

1 October – 1 November 2015


Organisations / curators:
Common Knowledge – Jessica Capra (IT), Karen Mertens (NL)


A guided tour to discover the Maastricht cultural scene and key players in the city and surrounding Euregion. Focusing on enhancing the connections, network and knowledge of creatives, artists, cultural professionals and the curious, the journey is more than a passenger ride. You have the chance to tiptoe into different artist studios, attend special presentations by passionate directors and founders of several organisations & initiatives, and enjoy unique made-for-you performances.


Different locations. Check the website to choose your tour.
Maastricht – The Netherlands

30 October 2015, 9.30am - 2pm