The next edition of RECIPROCITY will transform Liege into a place of creation, reflection and sharing as you’ve never seen before. Thanks to the support and collaboration of the Province of Liège / Culture, a selection of local galleries, museums and organizations will create a tour of new and additional content around the main program and the “guests” initiatives.
Here are all the satellite events, enjoy!

Located in the main gallery of the Guillemins station, RECIPROCITY Showcase is a glimpse of the Triennial, displayed in four windows. Ecosystem value is the installation hosted in the Liège office of Banca Monte Paschi Belgio, main partner of RECIPROCITY 2015: an innovative modular series of containers for home gardens will create an unpredictable green landscape. Wrong is the new Right, throughout the Triennale, gives you the opportunity to meet the actors of change in the field of social innovation on the beautiful site of the Brasserie Curtius. The 7th sense, inspired by the food theme, features the works developed by the students of Industrial Design at ESA Saint-Luc Liège. Berber Art presents works from the Viola collection, some of which will be seen for the first time in Belgium. A highlight on the heritage of Morocco’s Berber craftsmanship in dialogue with our culture. At the Espace Wallonie, two exhibitions reveal the creative activity of students in the school year 2014 – ’15. Following the competition The Odyssey of the Object, students in Walloon and Brussels schools have developed objects inspired by the theme “Seasonal Objects.” The association Spray Can Arts presents Apples-Pears, a project to support local businesses through a series of events, conferences and services. Designer Frederick Richard sets up an installation inspired by his native surroundings in the countryside near Liege, Hesbaye, and by the farm owned by his grandparents. The exhibition evokes certain lost habits like meeting on the main square, or “The Nice Place”, which gives the title to his installation. The gallery Les Drapiers presents fabrics and carpets edited especially for this event and created by ObjectsProjects. Inspired by the Turkish culture, the word Sofra refers to an object, the round table, but also to a space where families gather to share a meal and each member can express in a free and equal way. Alain Berteau, architect and Belgian designer, presents Genesis, revealing all phases of the development of a new versatile seat, from the first sketch to the final product. Sketches revealing the creative process also in Design Exquis, which transposes the Surrealist movement to the world of design. An exhibition and shop at once: in the Comptoir du Design, eleven designers from Liege present various objects at the crossroads of art, technology and innovation to meet the challenges of today’s society, by rethinking the form and function in line with aesthetic and emotional criterias. In the exhibition Spoon Knife Fork, Alain Wathieu offers us an amazing ride on the tables of today and yesterday, discovering a collection of stainless steel cutlery. The exhibition 100 Tambours Ni Trompette highlights the multifaceted activity of Baldwin Fettweis, craftsman and designer, and focuses on his tambours (drums) furniture collection. The whole is more than the sum of its parts is the exhibition to be held at the Saint-Luc Liège Secondary School and its surroundings. Following a series of meetings between students and artists, the results of this co-design project will be shown to the public. In the showroom Desiron Lizen, the exhibition Design for a New Housing System will give an insight on the Finnish furniture company Artek, celebrating its 80th anniversary. The brand was founded in the beginning of the international modernist movement as a platform for modern arts, industry, interior design and propaganda.
Finally, we strongly advice you to go and see Pénélope et les 3 p’tits cochons: the young theater company Hop Ar Noz from Liege will delight you with a hilarious satire on the deviances of the food industry. The conference Reuse of building materials organized by LIEGE CREATIVE invites Maarten Gielen from the ROTOR collective to give an in-depth view on the state of the sector of material reuse and to explore the potential of future developments. And to learn how to preserve our fruits and vegetables, join the canning workshops of the Conserverie Mobile Solidaire!

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